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About the clinic:
The mental health clinic affiliated with the Higher Institute of Public Health represents part of the integrated health clinic, which aims to spread the culture of public health in Egyptian society for all individuals and ages. The services provided at the clinic are distinguished by the following:
1. Mental health services are provided by doctors who are faculty members in the mental health specialty at the institute and graduates of the institute who are doctors who have postgraduate studies in the specialty.
2. The mental health clinic is considered one of the specialties of the institute’s integrated health clinic, which provides access to a package of preventive services from one place. It also allows coordination with other clinics, such as the nutrition clinic, with the aim of providing an integrated treatment service.

Clinic vision:
Promoting and disseminating a culture of mental health in the Egyptian society.
Clinic message:
Providing individual and group mental health services that aim to enhance mental health, prevent psychological disorders, and psychological rehabilitation of the individual and family.

Services provided by the clinic at the present time:

1. Diagnosis of mental disorders.
2. Conducting various psychological tests and measurements.
3. Assessing mental abilities, measuring IQ, and knowing aspects of strengths and weaknesses using intelligence tests standardized in Egyptian society (Binet Intelligence Scale - fifth picture), along with submitting a detailed report approved by the institute.
4. Providing psychological counseling to enhance mental health through individual and group sessions to acquire psychological life skills.
5. Training parents to acquire positive parenting skills
. Helping parents deal with adolescence.
7. Providing specialized programs in dealing with psychological stress and tension.
8. Providing specialized programs to detect autism traits and deal with behavioral problems associated with autism spectrum disorder.
9. Providing specialized programs to deal with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.
10. Behavioral training for parents to deal with psychological problems and behavioral disorders in children and adolescents.
11. Cognitive behavioral therapy.
12. Dialectical behavioral therapy.
13. Behavioral modification for children who suffer from behavioral problems.
14. Providing psychological counseling and psychological support to families who care for the mentally ill

Clinic hours:
Dr. Sally Samir: Monday from 9 am to 11:15 am
Dr. Zainab Shata: Monday from 11:15 am to 1 pm
Dr. Lina Tariq Hassan: Tuesday from 9 am to 11:15 am


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