The services provided by the center

Media / Information / Services
Informing the various activities of the Institute and its programs in all media such as newspapers, magazines or through films, through which thought is disseminated and addressing the community. Informing all that is new in the Institute through the displays inside the Institute in addition to the use of e-mail, which the Center was the first to use At the University of Alexandria, organizing meetings, seminars, workshops and conferences.

the information:
Providing the necessary health information on the methods of transmitting and preventing diseases, preparing guiding boards, providing electronic health services, and providing administrative information within the institute through the work of databases that support decision-making within the institute.

Providing scientific services to students and faculty members by covering the institute with the Internet, providing database programs and managing them, creating, activating and operating a unit for maintaining electronic devices, managing classrooms through an advanced system that facilitates the student and faculty member, copying documents, writing and printing, writing and binding Scientific theses, copying CDs, making presentations, designing advertisements and billboards, designing and printing certificates.