Study in Egypt


The High Institute of Public Health welcomes all International Students and wishes them an enjoyable, safe and fruitful time in Alexandria.


The registration for the different specialties for the fall semester starts Beginning of July till Mid of August and for the spring semester starts Mid of December till End of December.         

You are kindly requested to follow the:


  1. Completing the consent form for provisional approval for international students for registration in postgraduate studies (Form A-A).
  2. Completing the application form for international students to get the provisional approval (Form A-B)
  3. The Graduate Studies Department of the Institute transfers the documents to the relevant scientific department
  4. In case of admission, the student will pay the fees for issuing the approval letter.
  5. After payment of the fees, the student obtains a preliminary approval from the head of the department and the dean of the institute

Required Documents:-

1. A bachelor certificate attested by your embassy or the embassy of the country from where the certificate was obtained  (authenticated by the Supreme Council of Universities in Cairo).

2. A copy of the academic transcript for the bachelor courses, as well as the courses studied in the master's degree in case of applying for the Ph.D.

3. Master's degree (authenticated by the Supreme Council of Universities in Cairo) in case of application for PhD degree.

4. Four (4) personal photos

5. Birth certificate or a certificate from the Consulate

6. Approval of the Cultural Counselor of the Student's Embassy to join the diploma, Master or Ph.D. programs, showing the academic year and semester and source of funding, whether at his own expenses or grant or scholarship

7. Two full copies of the valid passport

8. Information forms for international students

9. Proof of submission

10. The student's family name in his documents should be identical to his passport, in case of difference a letter from the Cultural Attaché/ Embassy supporting the student's family name should be provided for all documents.

11. Health certificate (heading to Health Directorate in Fouad Street to take a letter addressed to the Hospital Fever/ Ambroso / Moharram Bek - Alexandria)

Registration fees: $1,500

Tuition fees: $ 4,500 per academic year

For more information please contact Prof. Dalia Tayel This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.