1- ELISA microplate reader

Uses: Read the fluorescent, chemiluminiscent, or chromogenic response of the ELISA test in a 96-well plate.

2- ELISA microplate washer

Uses: It is mainly used to clean some residues from the wells of the ELISA plate to reduce the errors that may be caused by residues in the subsequent detection process.

3- Electrophoresis apparatus

Uses: It’s used to separate macromolecules based on size.

4- Centrifuges

Uses: Separate particles suspended in a liquid according to particle size and density, viscosity of the medium, and rotor speed.

5- Water bath

 Uses: Incubate samples at a constant temperature over a long period of time.

6- Incubators

 Uses: Used to grow and maintain cultures.

7- Biosafety cabinet

Uses: Protects personnel against biohazardous or infectious agents and helps maintain quality control of the material being worked with by filteration of both the inflow and exhaust air.

8- Water distiller

Uses: Removes fluoride, organic compounds, dissolved salts and solids, lead and other heavy metals, and almost all other impurities from water for laboratory uses.

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