The media and information center :

The center was established as a department affiliated to the office of Prof. Dr. Dean of the Institute to serve students, faculty members, employees of the institute and those who frequent it from abroad to provide all the needs of the student, professor and classrooms to achieve an educational level commensurate with the institute being a unique educational edifice in the field of public health through media, information and technological services.


The media center hopes to be the main driver of the development process at the institute and to adopt new and creative thinking to achieve the best intellectual and human output during the coming period in proportion to its being a unique educational edifice.


Assisting the Institute’s Quality Assurance Unit in establishing an integrated system for internal quality and adopting distinct standards for institutional and academic quality and assisting it in developing its quality assurance systems so that it is able to continuously improve in a manner that qualifies it to apply for institutional and academic accreditation for its programs from local, regional or international bodies specialized in this regard .