The High Institute of Public Health (HIPH) Alexandria, was founded in 1956 by the Egyptian Ministry of Health (MOH) to overcome the observed deficiency in postgraduate education and training in the different fields of public health.

The main purpose of the institute was to support the health care system in Egypt and other countries in the Middle East with health professionals who have sufficient knowledge and skills to carry out the health development process effectively and efficiently.

In 1963, the affiliation of the institute was transferred to the University of Alexandria to become the first postgraduate institute specialized in public health in the Eastern Mediterranean Region. .

The High Institute of Public Health has always received strong support from the Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office of the World Health Organization (WHO/EMRO). Therefore, the relationship between the HIPH and WHO has enhanced significantly many fields including degree-education, non-degree-education, technical consultation, research and community service.

In addition, the first issue of Journal of High Institute of Public Health was published in 1970, which is a scientific peer reviewed journal publishing original and review research articles in all areas of public health. In recognition it has been indexed in the WHO Eastern Mediterranean Index Medicus..



Dean of High Institute of Public Health

Dr.Heba Elkady

Prof. of Geriatric Health

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Vice Dean for Postgraduate Studies and Research

Dr.Nessrin El-Nimr

Prof. of Epidemiology

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Vice Dean for Environmental Affairs and Community Services and Development

Dr.Ingy Elghitany

Prof. of Tropical Health

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Vision and Mission

The The High Institute of Public Health strives to be a prestigious academic centre at national, regional, and international levels, excelling in creating and transferring knowledge, skills and expertise for sound policies and practices that enhance the public's health.
To prepare future cadres and leaders capable of facing the health and environmental challenges, with the purpose of improving individual, family and community health- especially the most vulnerable groups. This is achieved through multidisciplinary programmes which ensure high quality education and training,potentialcommunity oriented health and environment related research, dynamic partnerships with health and environment related sectors and organizations, and provision of effective environmental and community services.

Strategic Objectives of the High Institute of Public Health

Strategic Objectives of the High Institute of Public Health

  • Achieving excellence in high-quality education and training in the field of public health
    Achieving excellence in research in the field of public health
    Expanding the Institute’s role in the field of community service
    Development and development of human cadres at the Institute
    Improving the institute's infrastructure​

Documents and Publications

Documents and publications

Administrative units

Quality Assurance Unit

Quality Assurance Unit

Education is one of the most important issues that enjoy national consensus on the importance of its role and the need to develop it, and to raise its efficiency. Because its subject is building the Egyptian human being who is able to deal with the current data, and the rapid changes and developments that he is witnessing on both the national and global levels, and we have no choice but to build this human being as a means of development and its desired goal.
Measurement and Assessment Unit

Measurement and Assessment Unit

In April 2014, Alexandria University has established the Center of Measurement and Assessment, seeking for the development of student assessment system and changing the current concepts related to methods of university student evaluation, as well as correcting the current defects in methods of assessment of the learning outcomes. The high Institute of Public Health has developed the Unit of Measurement and Assessment as a part of its organizational structure in 14th November 2018.
Educational Innovations Unit

Educational Innovations Unit

In 2014 at Alexandria University, the European union sponsored project ‘ADIP-TEMPUS’ was released, which aimed at establishing the unit of Innovation In Pedagogy and Aiding Distance Learning. In July 2021, The High Institute of Public Health has developed the Unit of Innovation In Pedagogy and Aiding Distance Learning as a part of its organizational structure, which is concerned about innovation in the educational process and technology-assisted learning.


The Tenth Conference

The Tenth Conference

Over two days,  will be exploring telehealth research and practices in Egypt and worldwide. In addition, parallel events to the conference will be dedicated to the “Nutrition from Theory to Practice Conference” accompanied by hands-on workshops on “Nutrition-related Skills” and a plenary session on “Climate Change” and another one on “Preventive Cardiology “. Moreover, pre-conference workshops will be held on “Scientific Writing” and “Dementia”.

Previous conferences

Previous conferences

International conferences of the Higher Institute of Public Health are held for public health.  Conferences include oral presentations, posters, plenary lectures, discussions and round table discussions And the institute's conferences are always a meeting place for the elite of the general department of public health and workers interested in public health in Egypt and the world.

Departmental Scientific Conferences

Departmental Scientific Conferences

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Media Center

Media Center

The center was established as a department affiliated to the office of Prof. Dr. Dean of the Institute to serve students, faculty members, employees of the institute and those who frequent it from abroad to provide all the needs them and classrooms to achieve an educational level commensurate with the institute being a unique educational edifice in the field of public health through media, information and technological services.


The library of the Higher Institute of Public Health is a specialized university library that was established in 1972 to serve scientific research and improve the quality of education. New services have been prepared by the Institute’s library for the development of scientific research within the institute. Teaching - postgraduate students - researchers).