Environmental and professional consultancy and training services were provided to each of the following companies:

Badr Petroleum Company
A company for the Western Desert Petroleum Company (WEPCO).
Petrojet company
Petroment Company
Petrogas Company
JASCO Company
Nggas Corporation
Al-Ezz Al-Dakhila Steel Company
A company in Alexandria Company for Handling and Storage of Chemicals
Alexandria Company for handling containers and goods
Ocean Express Shipping Company
Unilever Mashreq Co
Candlestick Company
Mondelez Egypt Company
Bisco Misr Company
Dolphin Marine Company
National Grain Company
United Grain Company
Africa Silos Company
Niazza company
Lord International Corporation
Lecico Corporation
The Egyptian German Company for Porcelain, Fathi Mahmoud
Abu Qir Fertilizers Company
Drinking water and sanitation company
Oncology Hospital in Damanhour
Mabaret Al Asafra Hospital
Royal Hospital
Al-Ahly Hospital
Clinics and medical centers (such as Dental Arts - Taj Elite Center)
Entertainment facilities such as (San Stefano Cinema - The Amazing Restaurant)