The Nutrition Department aspires to improve the fields of nutrition, food analysis and safety at the local, regional and international levels by providing distinguished education and providing distinguished specialists.



Our mission is to prepare and qualify distinguished specialists and future leaders with high efficiency commensurate with the requirements of the times in the fields of Nutrition, Food  Analysis and safety in order to meet the needs of society and achieve development plans:  

  • Prepare and provide high quality updated educational programs that encourage creative thinking and enable the students to develop innovative approaches for the relevant problems of Nutrition and Food analysis
  • Supervising and conducting research that helps solve problems related to nutrition, analysis and food safety that meet the needs of the local, African, and regional community.

  • Providing training programs that contribute significantly to developing the performance of nutritionists in the health sector, as well as training programs to solve the problems facing the food industry and food safety.

  • The graduate must have a distinguished academic level commensurate with the global progress and the ability to deal with the rapid changes and challenges of the times, They should also be distinguished by their ability to identify, evaluate and deal with the problems that affect food safety, identify risks in production sites and control them and the ability to analyze and estimate food components and contaminants using latest technologies.