Admission requirements:

1- Academic qualification:

A student who holds a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery, a Bachelor of Animal Medicine and Surgery, a Bachelor of Pharmacy, a Bachelor of Science majoring in microbiology or a Bachelor of Oral and Dental Medicine and Surgery, or its equivalent, is accepted from one of the universities recognized by the Supreme Council of Universities.

2- The student must fulfill the department’s requirements and obtain the approval of the concerned department council and the institute’s council.

3- The student must complete the documents and forms required by the Graduate Studies Department.

4- The student chooses the appropriate courses, fills out a course registration form, and approves it from the academic advisor and head of the department.

5- Registration is a prerequisite to allow the student to attend and calculate the courses for him.

6- The student is not considered registered in any course until after paying the tuition fees within the prescribed dates.

7- A student who does not complete the registration procedures before the end of the second week of the fall and spring semesters or the first week of the summer semester is not entitled to attend lectures.