The Microbiology Department at High Institute of Public Health, Alexandria University, awards academic degrees in the field of microbiology.

The Microbiology Department presents its activities through:

Teaching: Offering postgraduate programs, namely diplomas, masters and doctoral degrees in public health and its sciences, specializing in microbiology.

Scientific research: related to various societal problems in the field of microbiology.

Training: To train our graduates to recognize, investigate, deal with, solve and manage a large number of microbiological problems affecting health and the environment and to contribute to health sciences, high-quality research and other scientific activities.


. Who Can Study at the Department?

Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (M.B.B.Ch.)

Bachelor of Veterinary Medical Sciences

Bachelor of Pharmacy

Bachelor of Science (Microbiology)

Bachelor of Oral and Dental Medicine and Surgery


2. Job Opportunities for Graduates:

Pharmaceutical companies

Food companies

Governmental and private laboratories

Private universities