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Inspired by “100 Million Healthy Lives“ Initiative of his Excellency President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, the 9th International Conference of HIPH, Alex Health 2019 was an international scientific gathering held by the High Institute of Public Health (HIPH), Alexandria University, which is the oldest public health academic institution and by far the largest in the Middle East since 1956. Many national and international agencies supported the conference.

It included two tracks with 20 sessions covering WHO vision and perspectives, Egypt's health priorities, Egypt's strategies for universal health coverage, bridging the gap between clinical and preventive medicine in health practice, media and health, genomics and public health, highlights on cardiovascular disease prevention, challenges in reproductive health, women's and child's health, health and technology, African health, Egyptian cancer research network, role of private sector and NGO's in health development, environmental and occupational health, strategies for prevention of road traffic injuries, prevention of non-communicable diseases, nutrition and health, strategies to develop medical tourism in Egypt, as well as HIPH curriculum development.

It also included a post-conference workshop about scientific writing and publishing.


Alex Health 2019 Program


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