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Under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Amal Abdel-Fattah Al-Sahan

The Higher Institute of Public Health organized a workshop entitled "Future Vision"

On 4-7-2018 at the conference hall of the Institute

Discuss proposals to develop the programs and decisions of the Higher Institute of Public Health to provide suitable graduates according to the needs of the labor market and reach the desired level at the local, regional and global level.

We were honored by the presence of Mr. Dr. Mohamed Sultan, Governor of Alexandria

In the presence of Prof. Amal Alsahan Dean of the Higher Institute of Public Health, Fahmy Charles, Vice-Dean of the Institute for Community Service and Environmental Development, Reem Abdel Hamid, Vice-Dean for Graduate Studies and Research, and Dr. Mohamed Abu Soliman Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health in Alexandria.

During the workshop, an overview of the Higher Institute of Public Health was discussed, and the Institute's vision and mission and the services provided by the Institute were discussed. The Institute includes 81 programs and degrees.