Departments & Specialities :

1- Department of Epidemiology


2- Department of Biostatistics


3- Department of Tropical health department:

          a- Parasitology and Medical Entomology.

           b- Tropical Health.

           c- Vector Control and Pesticides Risks.

              d- Primary Health Care.


4- Department of Microbiology


5- Department of Occupational Health and Air Pollution:

         a- Occupational Health and Industrial Medicine.

         b- Occupational Hygiene and Air Pollution .


6- Department of Environmental Health and Science:

         a- Environmental Chemistry and Biology

         b- Environmental Engineering.

         c- Environmental Health.


7- Department of Nutrition:

        a- Nutrition.

        b- Food Hygiene and Control.

        c- Food Analysis


8- Department of Health Administration and Behavioral Science:

       a- Health Management Planning and Policy.

       b- Hospital Administration.

       c- Health Education and Behavioral Sciences



9- Department of Family Health:

       a- Maternal and Child Health.

       b- Adolescent and School Health.

       c- Mental Health.

       d- Geriatric Health.

       e- Public Health Nursing