Alexandria University is the 2nd oldest university in Egypt and is well known for its culture, science and humanities.

-       The HIPH is an integral part of Alexandria University and a unique institution in the Middle East. It was founded in 1956 by the Ministry of Health and supported by the World Health Organization to offer postgraduate degrees in different areas of Public Health. In 1963 its affiliation was transferred to Alexandria University where it has remained till our present time the center for progress in health development throughout Egypt and in many other countries in the region.

-       The HIPH consists of nine academic departments including 23 Public Health specialties. All departments and disciplines are involved in the 3 basic activities of the institute: education, research and community services.

-       The academic departments include Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Tropical Health, Microbiology, Nutrition, Family Health, Health Administration and Behavioral Science, Environmental Health and Occupational Health and Hygiene. These departments harbor excellent interdepartmental lecture theaters and student laboratories equipped with audiovisual aids and instruments necessary to assist teaching and training programs.

-     The HIPH offers special masters, diplomas and training programs with the main objective of providing highly skilled health providers. The Family Health Doctor, the Leadership in International Health in collaboration with the WHO EMRO and the Health Quality Management programs are good examples.

-   The HIPH is proud of its modern Central Laboratory Unit. It contains a number of highly skilled personnel and modern high tech instruments that perform a variety of complex chemical, microbiological, parasitic, viral and tumor markers as well as immunological reactions analyses. The Training Unit allows short term training programs to individuals and organizations in all fields of Public Health.

-       The Occupational Health Unit is hosted in a special building and acknowledged by the WHO as a collaborating center for occupational health in the middle east providing environmental and exposure assessments, solving problems and giving consultations.

-       Through the continuous efforts of its dedicated administrative and staff members, the HIPH will continue to contribute effectively in all fields of Public Health.

Dean of HIPH, Alexandria University